The Semi-naked warriors, the best of them all fighters to have ever existed in the world. Who, though not defeated but stopped quarter a million Persians soldiers for freaking 3 days. It is known as the Batlle of Thermopylae.

According to Herodotus, the number of Persian is like 2.3 million, but which has to be an exaggeration, considering the population of the entire world that is not possible.

Yet, 2.5-3 lakhs is a huge number against 7300 people.

Isn’t it so amazing?

A bunch of semi-naked soldiers, stopping the humongous army of the entire world (at that time the Persian empire was the biggest empire in the world to have ever existed)! The Persians were sending the mammoths, Rhinos immortals

Except it’s it not all true. Especially the naked part. In fact, they were better armored than any other army. More on this later.

If you are thinking all the glorious stories of movies

No matter how big mammoth

Indeed they were badass but they were not naked, neither the Persian army had mammoths, rhinos, immortals were there, but they were not some monster of something, they were human, a group of elite soldiers who served the Persian empire.

Let’s actually compare their army’s and war strategy, as we are talking of quality vs quantity.

Where Spartans, and all other greek soldiers were the best of them. Generations of Spartan people lived their lives only fighting and preparing for war. That’s the only thing they did. When compared to Athenians they also did so many things besides fighting wars. They produced the best minds ever existed. The democracy that we enjoy now, it wouldn’t be the same without them.

But the point is all greek army were all the best. Not in just sheer strength and will, but strategically also they were great.

And as I said before, no Spartans or any greek army didn’t fight naked. They had armor made of the bronze, bronze helmet, full body covered with a bronze suit, that would just laugh at arrows of Persians, which are made out of wood, most of the time did not even have metal point at the tip. Their shields were so massive and made of wood, a layer of, again, bronze on the surfaces, that could easily resist the enemy spears.

Their spears were much longer, with bronze on front and an at rare.

Not just they were the best fighters and their amo and defense were the best at that time. They were very good at making the battle strategies.

They took the place where one side there was sea and the guarded with a hill on the other side

Where the

And their strategy.

they had basically

If you know the battle of Marathon, 10,000 soldiers just humiliated 30,000 of Persian soldiers.

So, you see though it couldn’t actually defeat Persians but it is a huge win itself.

Also, Persians didn’t win anything. All Athenians were moved, there was no gain, all xerxis had the avenge.

Where 300 Spartans made a special place in history.

So, I consider quality wins here, not just the sheer number.

So, what do you think? Do you really think I am suggesting that you should go for the quality only?

Well, keep reading.

Let’s talk more about Spartans Society, especially let’s talk about what makes them such greatest warriors.

No matter how fascinating their story may be, Spartans society was inhuman in today’s standard. They were barbaric.

The only motto of their society was fighting wars and prepare for war.

It began with

Only the top 10,000 men will be the Elite Spartans that we know of and fascinate.

So, my point is, all Spartans were not born with all the qualities. They all were trained for their entire life to become war machines. Also, there were lakhs of spartan men who born who were weak, many of them died, killed and or failed to become among the top 10,000 were the best of them.

They produced lakhs of men, but only few thousands of them were the elite warrior we fascinate.

So, to simply put if you are a content creator, artist or anything else where it applies to, yes, you should focus on quality. But to get that kind of quality you want you must create a massive amount and only a few will be of quality.

So, yes the quality is important, but to get to there, you have to

Again enforcing, quality is the

have to practice and train yourself a lot and produce a lot of low-quality stuff.

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